Saturday, July 4, 2009

Love in the Big City.

What is it that drives men to cheat or stray from a relationship? Is it the thrill of the chase? The taste of something new? Or is it simply to see if they still got it and can still bag a chick? If people are not happy in a relationship, then why should they drag their partner along and make them suffer too? Isn't it easier to sit down, hash-out your problems, and either move on as a couple and build a solid relationship...or decide things are not working out and end the misery and the relationship right then and there?
I know there are a lot of hopeless romantics who believe in working things out and giving it one more try, but when is that one-try too many? Granted, someone will end-up getting hurt. That's love and that's life. But, I think it wouldn't sting as bad as living with false hopes, being strung along, then dropped for some bar skank who is "easily accessible"...if you get my drift.
The games are old. Who came up with the 2-day rule and playing hard to get? Are these people living happily ever after; or are they old, miserable, and alone?
There's just so much to comprehend. It would be much easier without all the b.s. games. Chivalry as I know it is dead. Whatever happened to actually picking up a phone and asking a girl out? Our society is so mesmerized with instant gratification andgetting everything fast...from fast food to speed dating. Honestly, what's the rush? You won't get to know a person through text messages. What happened to putting a little time and effort into creating and building a relationship? Our generation has become so independent that we're so fast to write someone off and figure there's plenty of other fish in the sea, and we are content being single.
Why is it that when a guy/girl gives you what you want...they call, invite you out, and is completely smitten with you, we are so quick to label them as "needy," "too easy of a catch," and toss them to the curb. Yet when a guy/girl doesn't give you the time of day, it all of a sudden becomes intriguing, and hot, and exciting. I guess it's the hunter's instinct in us. Dating is a lot like hunting. Going out and scoping for prey only instead of killing them with bullets, we try to kill them with kindness, flattery, lame lines, and cheap drinks. For example: When guys go hunting a lot goes into strategizing how to capture their prey. They buy the bullets, camoflauge paint, camo-clothes, they get up early and go to the woods to stake out deer. Hours later they kill a deer, clean it up, bring the head home, and proudly display it above the fireplace. However, you put that same deer head on the guy's front porch and tell him it's his, I"ll bet it's not getting hung above the fireplace. Since there was no hunt or chase, the deer head is no longer seen as a trophy to proudly display. There's no story that goes along with it. By then it's just a piece of meat...just like those bar skanks who are "easily available."
I know it sounds like I'm contradicting myself..."play games, don't play games;"but it's such a fine line that playing games could cost you a relationship if you play too much. Pretending to be too busy and putting off calling that person you're interested could backfire. Your love interest will lose interest and move on to the next person.
Have your own life, do what you love, don't neglect your friends, but at the same time, if you truly care about or are interested in a person, make time for them, because later you will be thinking about the one that got away.

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